Flightless Little Bird

​There’s a flightless little bird, 

Staring at the blue wanting to fly, 

To join the flocks of birds up high, 

Yet thinking twice before flying. 

The little bird wanted to fly, 

But bounded by its mind, 

Thinking it unable to fly, 

Making it too afraid to try. 

Feeling so envious of the birds, 

But the little bird thinks again, 

Afraid of being judged by the flocks, 

Wondering what they think of it. 

This little bird just needed someone, 

Someone to clarify that it will do fine, 

Pushing it out from its comfort zone, 

And fly like every other birds. 

The little bird appreciates it, 

Their help and their supports, 

But the little bird is also afraid, 

What if it loses them soon?


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