Let’s Love Tonight

​This is rough,

Life is tough, 

But so are you. 

This is insane, 

Fading away in rain, 

But you are sunshine. 

This love is pain,

This love is soul, 

This love is home, 

Tell me everything about it. 

Dont get away, 

Dont run away, 

Dont walk away, 

Dont see away. 

I know this love is pain, 

All the lies and truths,

The goods and the bads, 

But its okay cause its love.

So, forget the rain, 

Disappear everything,

Just you and me,

Let’s love tonight.


An Angel’s Touch

She came to me like a vision of light

Her wings perfect such a brilliant white

Her hand she placed upon my head

And sent me shivers that my body read

She gave me love so pure in heart

And told me that we’d never part

Whenever life gets hard to bear

Just call and she’d be right there

In my dreams she visits me

A brighter future there is to see

She is my angel and close at hand

To guide me through this earthly land